Screwiness-o-rama will be shutting down soon!

Dear Followers and Friends,

I announce that will be shutting down within a few days and will never be resuscitated.

If anyone ever registers and uses this domain name in the future, be sure it won’t be me again!

I’m currently working to build a new photography website, which will be self-hosted and collaborative, and should be launched by the beginning of the summer.

It will be a full-featured, professional, international online magazine in English language focused mainly on photo reportage and fine art photo essays.

I have already some very skilled photographers on board for this new project, and I’ll be selecting a few more in the coming weeks, however contributions will not be open to anybody.

If you would like to apply to become a contributing photographer or just wanna keep in touch with me to continue following my work on the new website, you can connect with me on Facebook, on Twitter and on Tumblr.

On my Tumblr I’ll keep posting the same kind of photos I was posting on this photoblog, and with about the same frequency.

Thank you all for your interest in my photography!

Keep in touch and I hope to see you all on my next project.

Best regards,

Emi V.